In a fruit or vegetable processing line, storage is often required to feed the line, process the various categories of products and smooth out the flows between the different machines as well as in case of stoppage of the production line.

Feed hoppers that depend on the:

-Product transport mode or the container
-The production capacity of the line

Buffer hoppers with adjustable feed system.

Examples of solutions dedicated to Storage

The wide range of storage solutions provided by Femia Industrie will allow you to find the one that corresponds to your project. Discover our systems :

Hopper T92:
Hopper T92:


-Allows for storage after cleaning (optionally calibration) varied granular products (peas, flageolet beans, broad beans, white/red beans, chickpeas, lentils etc.)
-Fully-adjustable flow for a steady flow of your products at the output.
-We also offer sealed hopper models that allow for static soaking of dry vegetables.
-To adapt to your needs, our hoppers are available in different formats.

Circular hopper T93:
Circular hopper T93:


-Allows for storage after cleaning (optionally after calibration) of varied granular product. (peas, flageolet beans, broad beans, white/red beans, chickpeas, lentils etc.) and products that are difficult to handle such as sweet corn.
-Gentle and facilitated removal of products via its upper and lower hoppers.
-Optimum and controllable extraction at hopper output via its electromagnetic vibrating distributor.