FEMIA INDUSTRIE is entering the food industry of the future with a new range of energy-efficient blanchers.

In general, blanching is an important step in the processing of foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables or vegetable and animal proteins as it prevents their deterioration.

Our blancher can also be used for pre-cooking or rehydration thanks to the three operating modes depending on the nature of the product to be treated: water spraying, steam injection or the mixed water and steam mode.

The design of our device allows for a significant reduction in steam consumption thanks to a strong reduction in heat loss from the walls and the belt as well as leakage outside the tunnel. It also allows easy access to the belt and to the interior of the chamber thanks to its upper part which can be raised via 4 jacks. This makes it possible to inspect the interior of the chamber or even to complete the automatic washing sequence of the machine.

Finally, the continuous filtration on the main flow ensures a permanent operation of the machine.