Today, waste management has become a genuine challenge in sustainable development and yield on fruit and vegetable processing lines. Femia provides solutions aimed at extracting only the waste, without affecting the processing of good products. According to a model based on green and circular economy, they are then brought together, recovered and recycled.

We design, along with you, a logic for customised waste recovery, according to your material recycling objectives (animal feed, farm use with or without composting), energy (methanisation) or incineration with energy recovery.
We integrate the recovery approach right from the design phase for your production lines in order to allow your conveyors progressive and facilitated recovery of wastes all throughout theproduction lines.

Examples of solutions dedicated to waste management

We have a large range of machines dedicated to waste management. Whatever your needs may be, we have the solution. Discover our solutions:

Inspection table
Inspection table


-Designed for your operators for a complete visual inspection and manual removal of waste mixed in with products.

Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor


-Provides the product transfer from a piece of equipment located upstream to a piece of equipment located downstream.
-Can be adapted according to your needs and capacities.

X30 Chopper
X30 Chopper

(A&K) 18 to 54 t/h

-Chops maize waste in particular to facilitate future valuation.
-Machine mainly consisting of a heavy drum (high inertia) and multiple hammers fixed regularly on the cylindrical part of the drum.
-Several models available depending on the capacity of the product to be shredded.
-Carrying structure to be added under the equipment to facilitate the exit of the crushed product.
-Adapted to the architecture of the line and the constraints of the building.

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