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BR50 - Belt blancher cooler (air and water cooling) • 3 blanching modes (water, steam, water and steam) • 2 cooling modes (air, water or chilled water)

Bucket Elevators E10 / E12

Transfer of peas between the machines from a lower level to an upper level. Use in pea lines.


It essentially consists of a frame structure which supports a bucket chain.

Each bucket elevators is custom-made to suit the specific requirements of the processing line

Buffer Storage Hopper T92

Buffer storage after cleaning or grading of various different granular products (peas, flageolet beans, kidney beans, broad beans, chick peas, lentils etc.).
The adjustable closing flap provides an even discharge of the products.

Special sealed models with closing valve in the bottom are available for the stationary soaking of dry vegetables. These models are generally equipped with an electro-magnetic vibrating distributor  providing a controlled adjustable discharge of the products from the hopper

Bulk Feeding Hoppers available in different sizes to suit specific customer requirements

Buffer Storage Hopper T93S

Buffer storage after cleaning or grading of various different granular products (peas, flageolet beans, kidney beans, broad beans, chick peas, lentils etc.), especially for products that are difficult to handle, such as sweet corn.

Features :

  • Fixed storage  hopper at the top
  • Vibrating hopper at the bottom to discharge the products from the upper storage hopper
  • Electromagnetic vibrating distributor providing an even and controlled evacuation of the products at the discharge of the lower hopper

Bulk feeding hoppers available in different sizes to suit specific customer requirements

C32 - Green bean cross-cutter

Machine output for Green Bean

  • C32 : 3 t/h

Cluster Cutter EG62 / EG63

This machine cuts the green bean clusters and separates the free beans from the  plant stems.

Its drum is composed of several rows of straight-slotted plastic segments which are separated from each other by slotted stainless steel diaphragm plates.

The diaphragm plates carry the  bean clusters up  to the rotating cutting system inside the drum which consists of shaft-mounted plastic disks disposed in pairs on each side of the diaphragm plates. Part of the stalk waste produced by the cluster cutting operation is eliminated through the straight slots of the plastic segments.

A great variety of segment slots allow the machine to be equipped with the segments that fit the size of the beans handled. Each slot width has its own colour.

At the lower part of the drum's outer surface,  parallel rows of triangular knives mounted on separately adjustable supports provide a pre-snipping operation of the beans.

Machine output for Green Bean

  • EG62 :  2.5 t/h
  • EG63 :  2.5 t/h

Cluster Separator S40 / S41 / S42

This machine separates the free beans from the mechanically harvested green bean clusters . It is generally installed after the Washer which feeds the Separator with an even product layer facilitating the separation of free beans and clustered beans

Main components:

  • Drum fitted with hooks of special shape. The product drops tangentially on the top of the drum. The free beans slip down between the hooks on one side of the drum whereas the clusters are retained by the hooks and are carried over to the other side of the drum where they are discharged.

The machine is mounted on rollers so that it can be moved in relation to the upstream machine for a vertical fall of the free beans and the clusters, making sure that only the clusters will be caught by the hooks.  

Machine output for Green Bean

  • S40A :   8 t/h
  • S41A : 12 t/h
  • S42A : 20 t/h

Combined Fan and Vibrating Cleaner VN10 / VN11

Compact unit for cleaning of freshly harvested or depodded products such as peas, bean kernels etc.
For smaller processing lines.
Main components :

  • Vibratory feeder at the infeed of the fan separator.
  • Fan Separator for separation of light waste (leaves, stems, bits of pods).
  • Vibrating separator at tje discharge end consisting of:
  •       a top screen for separation of heavy waste (pods, bits of pods, stems ...), of dia. larger than the peas.
  •       a bottom screen for seaparation of heavy waste smaller than the peas (gravels, sand, damaged kernels).

Machine output

  • VN10B :   3 t/h
  • VN11B :   5 t/h

Continuous “decora” decorer

Machine output

180 heads/minute

Corn Washer LM09 / LM10 / LM11 / LM12 / LM13

This machine washes the corn kernels and eliminates floating waste (skins, damaged kernels and various other floating waste) in a large tank. Elimination of large waste is done on a vibrating discharge separator.


  • Washing tank
  • Vibrating separator with two screen levels
  • - upper screen to eliminate the large waste
  • - lower screen to eliminate the water and discharge the kernels
  • Water recovery tank with filtering drum and motor-pump units to recirculate the filtered water back into the machine

Machine output for Sweet Corn

  • LM09E : 3 t/h
  • LM10E : 6 t/h
  • LM11E : 10 t/h
  • LM13E : 13 t/h